Business cards can be eco friendly!

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Green business cards are readily available online.

When choosing a supplier for eco-friendly business card printing, check out the environmental credentials of both the stocks and the inks used.

There are a myriad of recycled and semi-recycled card stocks available. You can ask your printer to provide information about the card stocks on offer, so you can make an informed decision.

Your choice may come down to a simple matter of tasted. Recycled business cards may be pure white, natural unbleached off-white, or rustic brown Kraft paper and similar stocks.

Whether you choose an obvious recycled card or a white 100% or semi recycled option, you're taking a step toward reducing your environmental footprint.

Also ask your printer about the inks used. Better Business Cards uses soy and vegetable-based inks for all print products. There is no difference in quality or colour compared to traditional inks.

When applied using a waterless offset press, the results are superior to traditional methods, producing vibrant colour and the highest print quality, while consuming less resources.

Order eco-friendly recycled business cards online. 

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