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Make your business cards work for you

Aggressive business card marketing isn't about handing your business card out to everyone you see. The business card itself must have a new use, an innovative design, or something other than the usual contact information printed on it. To make your little card stand out, try these other ideas.

Print something elseon business-card-sized card stock

You have seen loyalty cards for "buy 10 get one free" offers; why not produce one of your own? Print a frequent buyer card or other promotional offer on a card. The whole card can be a coupon for a free consultation, a discount, or a free gift with purchase. Remember include an expiration date on them! Then hand them out to all your customers. 

Print a short survey on a business card

Offer an incentive for people to return the card to you with the survey answered. They can get a free gift or a discount just for answering a few simple questions. Then give them a new card with your contact information on it.  

Turn your business cards into appointment cards 

On one side, you can print your name, address, phone, fax and email plus your business name and logo. On the other side, leave room to fill in the date and time of your customer's next appointment. They will keep it in their wallet or planner and always have your information at their fingertips. You could also print a map of your location on the back or directions on how to reach your store or office. 

Whatever you choose to do, remember that a little business card can have a big impact on your marketing if you employ some creativity.

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