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We have collected here the common recommendations that experts offer concerning online business card printing.

You can use this as a nice guide to help you arrange your business card printing with professional knowledge, without actually being a professional.

• Do not use templates - The one thing that a lot of experts recommend is not to use templates. For some, templates maybe the easiest and fastest way to creating a business card layout. In actuality however, it is a limiting factor in terms of creativity. While templates might be a good foundation, it is always recommended to go beyond it to produce your own unique design. So if at all possible, try to avoid templates and build up your own designs.

• Always add a logo or image - One big thing that experts suggest is the addition of a logo or image. While traditional cards can make do with just text, more competitive and effective ones always need a logo or image to make readers interested. That is why you should always add your company logo, a personal image, or maybe just a couple of design accents to make them attractive and distinctive.

• Keep things simple and straightforward - It is also important to realize, that designs must be simple and straightforward. Most experts agree that simpler designs are more effective than loud and intricate ones. Therefore, while adding logos and design elements is definitely recommended, you should not try to overuse them. Just add the elements that are enough. Do not get carried away.

• Choose your colors wisely - Color also imparts a great deal of influence. It gives personality, and it also determines people's reactions to it. Always try to choose a color the best fits your goals. The safest choice of course is plain white for business cards, but nowadays, you can also safely choose pastel colors as well as other neutral colors like black or off white and gray colors.

• Print only with the best - Finally, most experts always recommend having your printing project be done with the best printing service possible. Since your business cards are a representation of yourself, it is always good to put your best foot forward with the highest quality. So try to print with professionals when you can. Do not print on your own.

Great! That should fix you up nicely and help in setting up the best marketing material. Follow these recommendations and you will not go wrong. Good Luck!

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