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The first thing to remember when marketing with business cards is never leave home without them

Forgetting to bring your business cards is a no-no. Without it you are like a person going to a meeting without his pants on.

Here are some more things you need to know when marketing:

Business cards help you remember the people you have met. If you want your targets to remember, who's who and what's what about your business then this is the perfect tool. During small talks, you can jot down notes at the back of the cards so you can remember the person later on.

Once you are back at your desk, you can review your acquisition, even write thank you notes, and schedule more meetings as a follow up to the conversation you had with them. Without them, all you have is a list of persons who attended the event and plenty of scratch paper where you jot down most of the information.

This marketing tool should have the complete information about you and your business. Not only should you have all your contact information, but also you should be able to produce them in fonts and hues that are easy to read and understand.

It can add value to your business. In addition to your information, add discounts and gift coupons. You can even include a call-to-action that provides that extra value to your business.

Extend their function. Based on your design, your printing can provide more uses to your target clients. They can always write important details on it that can help them remember you and your business. Therefore, you might want to forget about printing business cards on plastic or glossy paper. One that looks like a credit card will most likely be junked if your recipient cannot use it as a reminder.

Finally, always have your business cards available. No matter where you are or whom you are with, these are opportunities for you to market. When you have this with you all the time, it can give you more chances of being remembered by your prospects.

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