4 things to put on your business card

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4 Things People Forget to Put on Their Business Cards

The first rule of a business card design is that it includes the key information required to represent you sufficiently. There are four elements that you should not forget:

 # 1. A valid e-mail address
I have received countless business cards that have outdated or invalid e-mail addresses. This could be due to a misprint or a change of department. Whatever the reason, I think it's worth getting out as soon as possible and updating this valuable information. The tried and true reason behind doing this is if you can't be reached by phone, the next most common method of contact is e-mail. Remember, if a person wishes to contact you to purchase your product/service, failure to get in touch with you will lead them to your competitors.

# 2. What kind of service you provide

This may seem obvious to most but I can't count how many cards that I have with company names and logos with no explanation of what the company does. This may be important because the average attention span today is very short and when a person has dozens of business cards, it will seem like a big task to find out which company does what if it isn't apparently written. You'll want to take into account that we all want answers and solutions as fast as possible, so make it easy.

 # 3. Your Social Media links
There are so many people using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, not having an account can seem behind the times. This might be a good option because an individual may see your link on your card and follow you. You could also be losing potential visibility by not having an account.

# 4. Website Address

Believe it or not, I find several people who fail to put their website address on their business cards. At first, I thought it was because they had no website but through further research, I found that it was just neglected. It's important since it is one of the largest representations of your company. To say that the average individual doesn't check out the website before doing serious business with an individual or firm, would be an untruth.

Don't forget these very import elements to present on your business card and you should find your life easier, your progress rapid, and your successes more frequent.

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