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How to get the highest quality business cards for your printing dollar

So you need to order some quality business cards, but you're having trouble choosing a printer online.

The web is flooded with business card printing companies, and of course they're ALL the best, the highest quality, the cheapest, the fastest, the easiest to order....blah blah blah.

So how do you choose? 

The differences between price and quality of business cards on offer is baffling, even for those of us in the printing industry. So to help you get the highest quality business cards you can afford - ie. more bang for your buck - we've listed the key inclusions to look for:

1. Are the cards offset or digitally printed?

Digital printing is great if you need a handful of party invitations, or a small quantity of leaflets for a community event; but when it comes to cards, brochures, or any serious printed item representing your business, nothing can beat the clarity and vibrant colour of traditional offset printing.

Offset printing means your business cards are actually PRINTED - on a printing press - using the full colour process method. Digital printing is basically just a higher quality version of colour photocopying.

2. Is the card thick, thin or downright flimsy?

If you've ever taken up one of those "free" business card offers, you'll know what I mean by flimsy. Quality business cards are printed on a minimum card grammage of 310gsm. Extra thick business cards are generally 420gsm. Both options may be coated in celloglaze, further bulking up the thickness and durability. Avoid anything lower than 310gsm so your cards will look and feel like CARDS, not just thick paper.

3. Are there any hidden costs?

While the price of business card printing on offer may look like a bargain, check the fine print for additional costs. For example, you'll likely have to pay extra for artwork setup and delivery if this is not included in the base price. Take all costs into account before choosing the best option.

4. Are they printed in Australia?

Shop local! There are many great printing companies right here in Oz, so why go offshore? Cheap prices entice many to go overseas for business card printing, but you may be unpleasantly surprised by the time it takes to receive your cards, and the quality of printing, card stock and finishing. 

5. Do they use templates or unique design?

Finally, if you're serious about presenting a professional, unique image in your print collateral, avoid business card templates. Hundreds, if not thousands, of similar businesses will have the same design as yours, and most of the templates used by cheap online printers are just tacky.

Better Business Cards print full colour process, offset business cards in a range of premium card stocks and finishing options. 

Order highest quality business cards online or contact us to discuss your printing needs.

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