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Logo and business card design can make or break your marketing efforts

A unique, clean and memorable logo is a great start for your business identity.

Your logo sets the style foundations for your business card, other print collateral, signage and web presence.

Business cards continue to be one of the primary means of personal promotion, especially when attending presentations, tradeshows or other networking events. Given the small size of a business card, your logo needs to work extra hard to achieve it's goal; that is to make a lasting impression so your business name is easily remembered.

The best business cards are the ones with the most memorable logos

When comparing some of the most memorable business cards, there are a few traits common to all. Obviously, it should include your name and primary contact information, whether that’s a phone number or a Twitter username. Aside from that, your business card is a blank canvas, most of which is typically taken up by a smart logo.

Here are some things your designer will consider while developing your logo and business card:

1. Keep your logo design simple

The best logos are those that are easily recognisable and remembered. Stay away from complex designs with detail that will get lost when your logo is reduced to fit onto a business card. This simplicity also provides additional value overall as it enables them to be used equally as well on a billboard, remaining attractive despite great fluctuations in size.

2. Business card size

Depending on the layout you’re planning, business cardss look better when they’re designed longer horizontally and shorter vertically. However, if you intend to format your business card for a custom size or shape, your designer will lay out the design to suit. Remember your cards will need to fit in wallets and business card holders.

3. Make it memorable

When designing business cards and logos, figure out what it is that makes you unique. What do people say most about you or your business? Translating those qualities to words and images can have a profound impact on the overall effectiveness of your logo. As a result, your logo will be highly memorable.

4. Stay away from fads.

Most people retain their business card for a year or more, often updating it only when information changes. So when crafting business cards and logos, it’s best to pick elements you’ll be comfortable living with for awhile. Thinking even longer-term, will your logo still be relevant in 10 years? 20 years?

5. Only design in a versatile format

Ensuring the versatility of your business card and logo design is important because it saves you the time and hassle of repeating your efforts in the future. Your designer should work with an industry standard program, to produce a logo that can be used across all media without losing quality.

Your business card and logo design are key visual triggers to your target market. Remember, keep it simple, unique and memorable.

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