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Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference

Success in business doesn't just depend on big ideas and big plans. Sometimes it's the little things like business cards that can make all the difference, particularly when you're just starting out. 
Business cards can prove vitally useful in a number of ways for your business. Whether you are an independent professional or a small business owner, it can do a surprising amount of good for what is ostensibly just a small piece of card.
As a means of promoting your business, effective cards are one of the most versatile, portable and widely used solutions out there. They are easy to carry around in your pocket to meetings, networking events, consultations, interviews, and other scenarios where you might want to hand out your contact details, and they can be easily slipped into your client or prospective customer's wallet.
The ease with which you can pass on your contact details with a business card should be reason enough to justify their use, but they can also be easily used to create a favourable first impression and differentiate you from the competition. In addition to your logo and contact details, you might want to include a few concise bullet points which give further information about what services you offer and what benefits you can provide.

Tips for creating an effective business card

  • In order to ensure that it leaves a good impression, your business card should be flawless in both design and presentation.
  • It's worth paying a little extra for thicker, higher quality card. This might seem like a minor thing, but the quality and durability of your business card is in itself a reflection of your business and the services you provide. Do you really want something with your name and logo on it to be chucked out after a week or two, tattered and dog-eared?
  • As for the design on the card, aim for bold but subtle at the same time. You want to make it look good and ensure it stands out, but also make sure you avoid going overboard on images and colours. Aside from being distracting and overpowering, ultra-colourful can potentially cost you more at the printers due to the extra ink used. The only exception is if you work in one of the creative sectors like design or art, in which case a high-impact colourful business card may be just what you need.
  • Printing on just one side of a business card is a waste of perfectly valid advertising space. Using the back of the card for displaying further information makes you stand out as a savvy professional as well as helping you to get your money's worth from this valuable piece of marketing collateral.
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