What is the standard business card size?

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Is business card size important?

The simple answer is - Yes (and No)

The standard business card dimensions in Australia are 90x55mm. This is slightly larger than in the US, where a typical business card size will be 89x50mm.

In most cases, a standard size is the best option, but there are some opportunities to make your card stand out with an unusual size or shape.

When is the business card size important?

If you'd like people to keep your card in their wallet or business card holder, don't go larger than standard size, or it simply won't fit. One exception to this rule is the fold out business card, which is double the size with a score line for folding the card in half.

Do you plan to display your cards in a business card size stand, for example on a counter, stick with the standard size so the card fits in the holder, and the display looks tidy. 

If you're in a rather serious or professional field, a standard size card along with clean, uncluttered design will give a sense of professionalism and reliability. 

When can a business card size be different?

An irregular size or cutout shape can give your business card personality. Round business cards at 55mm diameter are very popular, as they're certainly different to regular business cards, but their size means they still fit in wallets and card holders.

Better Business Cards offers a range of custom business card printing options including round cards, mini cards and fold out business cards (we like to call these mini brochures).

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